Welcome to! This page is a portal to a number of different websites. These websites include my homepage and some sites of projects I am working on. You will always be able to find any of the websites through

Cyttron Visualization Platform The Cyttron Visualization Platform - an all purpose medical visualization tool, specifically aimed at visualizing multiple datasets of various resolutions.
Neural Glucose Controller The Intelligent Glucose Controller - The result of a research assignment on predicting glucose levels of diabetics using artificial neural networks.
Peter's Ultimate Alarm Clock Peter's Ultimate Alarm Clock - It's an alarm clock.
Bugs! Bugs! - The Bugs! screensaver
Peter's Homepage Peter's Homepage - The good old homepage. If you're looking for TerraPainter, the Bugs! screensaver, or maybe even the ancient MicroMind game. Also contains a number of other programs and some artwork.
South-Africa Travel record South-Africa (Dutch only) - The record of a journey I made through South-Africa.
About Peter Kok Some information about me